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Humanitarian Engineering

Started Sep 30, 2021


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General Information

Humanitarian engineering is the creation of technologies that help people. The ScarletCanvas offering of ECE 5050 (Humanitarian Engineering) is a free, self-paced version of the ECE 5050 course. This course contains a syllabus, assignments, a free e-textbook, free online lecture slides/videos, and Matlab code. There are no class meetings or grades for this version of the course. Topics covered include poverty, underdevelopment, sustainability, culture, social justice, development strategies, engineering for community development, and analytical methods.

No actual humanitarianism (e.g., service to people who are poor), local or international, is required for this course.  This course prepares you to be a professional humanitarian engineer for local or international service by studying the principles. For local/international service project opportunities, and other relevant curricular and research activities, please see the Humanitarian Engineering Center (

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